About Us:

Ripple Creative Strategy was built around a desire to revolutionize the way a creative communications agency works with clients. We offer a better client experience with better results — usually at a lower cost.

Building a truly integrated and ongoing communications strategy across multiple channels (digital, traditional, experiential, and earned) is no easy task in today’s fast-moving and noisy marketplace. To do this successfully requires ongoing effort from extended teams, often with many moving parts. Ripple helps you streamline this essential work, increasing output, quality, and efficiency in the process. For more on our methodology, please visit “What We Do”.


Taking advantage of the new creative freelance economy:

After working with you to establish your strategy and related priority goals for your marketing, communications and PR project/efforts (and how we’ll measure their effectiveness), Ripple helps to develop an executional plan. Our goal will be to become as saturated in your brand as you are. We then assemble a customized team of highly skilled freelancers specifically designed to meet those requirements and goals.

While these freelance teams can include anywhere between 3 to 15 people, you’ll have one point of contact — your assigned Account Lead acting as an extension of your internal team and simplifying your life. In other words, Ripple allows you to concentrate on steering the brand “ship” instead of shoveling brand “coal”.


Why freelancers?

Having worked with and for many large Toronto ad agencies, one thing we’ve noticed is that their internal creative teams usually aren’t a happy bunch. With good reason: they’re often worked to death on projects for clients they have very little interest in or affinity for. And they don’t get a seat at the “strategic” table, either; instead, they’re given watery briefs and asked to weave garbage into gold.


Happy creatives make great work:

Ripple’s freelance creatives are working with us by choice. They sit in on and contribute to strategy meetings. They’re engaged and respected as valuable members of the team. They are truly happy to be involved with the project — or they wouldn’t have accepted the gig.

We’re very specific when we choose our freelancers. They need to have been working as a freelancer for a minimum of five years (so we know they’re good enough to be able to make a living on their own) and they need to have a portfolio that blows us away. And that’s just to get a first meeting.

We monitor our creatives internally with a rating system so that we’re always on top of who is the absolute best — the most talented, the most responsive, with the best attitude and the most affordable rates. Those are the people we work with. We also seek freelancers with specializations in various areas — so they can bring past industry knowledge and experience to our client projects. If you’re in the business of selling running shoes, a writer who has only worked on government projects doesn’t make sense. Ripple understands that.

We offer value to our clients by doing all of that legwork (you don’t have to sort through a thousand freelance websites every time you start a project) while ensuring the highest possible quality in our work, and keeping our costs very competitive.


Different Inside and Out:

We’re very serious about our internal culture and customer service. We believe in doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. We value kindness, respect, compassion, creativity, humour, diversity and an innovative spirit. We seek people with these qualities to join our team.

Oh, but full disclosure: our founder does like bad puns and Disco music — sadly, no workplace is perfect.


Let’s Have Coffee!

We like to think we’re re-thinking marketing, communications and PR as a whole. Lofty? Maybe, but that’s how we roll.

We’d love the opportunity to work for you and demonstrate how much better this approach can be. Please check out our work or drop us a line. Let’s talk about how we can add rocket fuel to your current efforts:


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